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Focus on technology-led business change


The speed of technological progress is dizzying, and its impact on business is profound and unpredictable。The Thoughtworks Technology Prism Future technology trend analysis report has emerged。


As a digital transformation consulting firm, Thoughtworks has to stay ahead of technology trends to help our clients build strategic advantages for their businesses。Our global network of consultants and clients ensures that we remain sensitive to the progress and potential impact of future technology trends。In this report, we will share some insights into why cutting edge technology can help companies continue to transform。


Tech Prism covers 100 individual technology trends。To help you understand these trends, we break down the analysis into five "perspectives.。These perspectives will help you focus on what each trend means for your business and how you need to prepare。These perspectives can be used individually or combined with each other to form a broader perspective and open up new avenues and ideas for investigation。


This report highlights the opportunities that can be identified through different perspectives, as well as the warning signs that can be used to measure the speed of new trends。We will analyze the 100 trends in two ways: the time frame, and our suggested strategies for dealing with them, namely adoption, analysis or prediction。We hope this report will help you identify the most important trends affecting your business today and in the future。


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