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在所有关于这是一个候选人的市场的讨论中, and skill shortages in increasingly important fields like analytics and cybersecurity, how can employers stand out to prospective tech talent - especially if the organization lacks big brand pulling power? 确保员工被留住的关键是什么, 当期望值上升时,投入和激励, 远程工作改写了团队之间的联系方式?

在这一期 视角 the business leaders overseeing Thoughtworks’ widely recognized talent strategy weigh in with practical advice and specific principles on finding and cultivating the best candidates and developing a workplace that is defined by inclusion, exceptional performance and a deep commitment to impact.




来源:Harvey Nash /毕马威


i. 拓展了人才的定义 


As it becomes more ubiquitous, the definition of technology is expanding. Companies should recognize t在这里’s a similar dynamic with technologists, and that the next great tech hire could come from retail or financial services, 而不是数据科学或编程. By emphasizing factors like willingness to learn and creativity, 企业可以建立一个更具弹性的人才管道.


"If you can genuinely demonstrate an authentic value proposition as an employer, 新员工将和优秀的人一起工作, you’ll have a relatively easy job of persuading them to join.”




ii. Find out what employees want - and encourage them to come to you 


‘Traditional’ pull factors like compensation and opportunities for advancement still play an important role in attracting and retaining talent. But Thoughtworks’ own research demonstrates a perceptible shift in what candidates want and expect of employers in the post-pandemic era. Considerations such as a sense of psychological safety, the organization’s purpose and the ability to create impact have become critical for a new generation of talent worldwide.



Technologists today value being part of something bigger

CHART: Technologists today value being part of something bigger Being a part of improving the software industries (53.92%的人非常同意.94% strongly agree) Being a part of a business that’s thriving (52.94% strongly agree) Working in an inclusive workplace (44.125 strongly agree) Making the world a better place through your work (41.185 somewhat agree; 43.14% strongly agree) Being a part of a diverse team (45.10% somewhat agree; 43.14% strongly agree) Working directly with customers (36.27% somewhat agree; 29.41%的人强烈同意)

资料来源:Thoughtworks调查,2021 - 这项调查对全美100名技术人员进行了调查, UK, 德国, 巴西和印度问, “你工作的哪些方面对你最重要? [Shaded area indicates strong agreement from respondents]



3. Making communication - and performance management - location-neutral 


Remote working is looking less like a temporary measure, and will pose challenges for training and management approaches that were based heavily on in-person interaction. Organizations can respond by getting more intentional about communication, 团队建设和持续反馈, and basing performance assessment not on feelings but measurable objectives.



Diagram showing the upsides and downsides of remote working

Source: Hubble (bars reflect top selections from multiple choice options) 


iv. Continuous learning, and development as the key to retention - and results 


A successful approach to talent is just as dependent on retaining existing employees as finding new ones, 并确保学习是一个持续的过程. Effective enterprises manage to tread the fine lines between providing employees with a clear growth path without forcing them into pigeonholes, and encouraging teams to take on challenges without punishing failure.


Image of course material from Thoughtworks University programs

Source: Course material from Thoughtworks University programs


v. 更新人才培养方法——同时保持人性化  


Organizations should keep a close eye out for opportunities to leverage emerging technologies to identify candidates and support the recruitment process, but technology can’t be relied on to turn the tide in the battle for talent. Human interaction will remain the deciding factor in both convincing people to come on board, 确保它们茁壮成长.


“Relationships, connections, that feeling of closeness and belonging have definitely become harder. But that just increases the need to be intentional about face-to-face time, 所以当那一刻到来的时候, 无论是候选人, 客户, 或在内部, 它专注于人际关系和社区建设, 和知识共享.”




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