What is Cpu and its Inner Parts

What is Cpu and its Inner Parts:- Friends in this article we are going to talk about the CPU which stands for the central processing unit. Friend computer with CPU is like garbage. Whatever you are doing on your computer all of this is happening with the help of your CPU. So you can say that CPU is the brain your computer.

Without CPU you cannot do anything on your computer. So in this article are going to talk about CPU and its various parts which are used in a computer. If you want to understand the concept of the computer then you should read this article. First, we will cover some basic of CPU then we will see its parts that are used for processing the information. So let start with what is CPU.

What is CPU

If we talk about CPU it is a component of your computer which processes your input and converts it into some meaning able form. If it is your video file, audio file, or any document file all of this is opening with CPU. That is a processing unit. CPU performs all type of function of your computer. CPU stores data, an instruction which means program. It helps to control the operation of your computer.

Even though a CPU cannot function without the help of a motherboard, also called a logic board, it’s the CPU that simplifies the complex mathematical and logic operations that enable software to users and run to perform tasks. Understanding how crucial the CPU is, most people are interested in knowing more about the different areas of the CPU itself. It’s possible to undertake a fast exploration of the CPU and find out a trove of invaluable info regarding this chip.

A computer’s CPU contains two major elements: the arithmetic logic device, also known as the ALU, and the Control Unit, or CU. Working together, these two different elements of the CPU permit this specific chip to manage a vast selection of tasks and functions quickly. Based upon how big the pic in question, a CPU can include a string of printed circuit boards or one microprocessor. If you have a desktop computer or notebook computer, then your CPU is assembled as a microprocessor as opposed to a blend of circuit boards.

Now we will talk about some part of CPU. There is 3 part of CPU.

  • Control Unit
  • Arithmetic Unit
  • Memory

1.Control Unit:-

If we talk about the control unit the main work of this unit is to control the operational part of your computer. But it does not Carry actual data. It has some responsibility. It controls the data and instruction in your computer. Then one disadvantage of the control unit is that it does not process or store data. It Communicates with peripheral devices like input & output devices for transfer data from storage.

2. Memory

As per its name, the main work of memory is to store the data, instruction and temporary data into it. So it is also known as main memory or primary memory. This memory is turned on till your computer is on. When your computer will be off your memory will be the loss. So this is a thing that you have noticed. And this type of memory is called ram. Ram stands for Random access memory.

There are two types of memory in a computer

-Primary Memory=Primary Memory is used to store the data into a computer at a real time. Once you turn off your computer your data will be lost. So this is known as on-off memory also. One of its examples is Ram.

-Secondary Memory= Secondary memory is permanent storage of your computer. It permanently stores data on your computer. So you can use whenever you want to use.

3.ALU(Arithmetic Logic Unit):-

We have divided ALU into two categories:-

-Arithmetic Section

-Logic Section

  • Arithmetic Section:- If we talk about arithmetic section if you must have seen you do the calculation in your computer and that happens very fast. All of this is possible due to your  Arithmetic unit
  • Logical Unit- Logical unit is used to perform some logical operating according to its name Like Comparing, Selecting, matching, and merging of data.




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