Type of Computer And Their Advantage

Type of Computer And Their Advantage:-  Hello guys, you all know about computer. A computer is the most powerful device in this world at this time. But do you know how many types of computer exists in this world? If you don’t know then today we are going to talk about the type of computer and their advantage. Friends we all know that the computer helps us everywhere in our life. If it is related to our education if it is related to medical science if it is related to space research.

You can found it everywhere. But according to the requirement we use a different -different type of computer every place. Yes, friends, there are various types of computer in this world. Some are used for common human and some are used for the most intelligent task.  So in this article, we are going to discuss everything related to the type of computer. We will tell you how they work, what are their power and what can they do. If you are more curious about that they don’t go anywhere else you are going to get some most important information. We have analyzed several websites over the internet to find this information. After that we make a quality article to tell our reader. So without wasting time let start the concept of a type of computer and its advantage.

In the start we will cover some basics of the computer then we will come to the type of the computer. After that, we will discuss some more about the type of computer. Then we will see what are the advantage of the computer.

Type of Computer

Friends if you want to know about what is computer then you can read our article what is computer and their history. Because I already told you in this blog every post is related to each other. So if you want to understand all concept then you must read all these posts. Now let move to our topic that is the type of computer. So Friends basically there are 4 types of computer. There is a list o this computer.

  1. SuperComputer
  2. MiniComputer
  3. MicroComputer
  4. Main Frame Computer

We will discuss all the computer one by one in this article.


Super Computer is known as the world Most powerful computer. If you have heard about it has lots of CPU with it. If we compare Supercomputer with the normal computer then they 1000 times faster in processing and performance.  These computers are a most expensive computer in this world. These computers are used by big companies. They are mostly used for research and exploration purposes. Super Computer requires an entire room for storage. Then Maintainance of Supercomputer is also very expensive.

The First Super Computer  “CDC 6600” was developed in 1964. CDC 6600 was the first ever supercomputer.

On 29th July 2015, President of the USA, Barack Obama, Accepted the development of an Exascale Supercomputer.

The Exascale Supercomputer is going to probably be 30 times faster and stronger than the fastest Supercomputers. The requirement to create such a top performance Supercomputer comes following China’s surge in high-performance computing. However, the US still tops the list of Supercomputers using 233 high-performance machines. China has 37 Supercomputers however they lead the listing of the most effective and higher performance supercomputers because of June 2013.

Uses Of SuperComputer

In India supercomputer is used for scientific research and educational training. There are various companies that are using the computer for there purpose. So there is also another usage of Super Computer like

Atomic weapons testing
Supercomputers are utilized to conduct weapon simulation which may examine the Range, precision & effect of atomic weapons.

Space Exploration
Supercomputers are utilized to examine the origin of this world, the dark-matters. For all these studies scientist utilize IBM’s strong supercomputer”Roadrunner” in National Laboratory Los Alamos.

Earthquake research
Supercomputers are utilized to examine the phenomenon. Apart from that supercomputers are used for natural resources exploration, such as natural gas, oil, coal, etc..

2.MainFrame Computer:-

If we talk about mainFrame Computer they are also a powerful computer. But if we compare it with Supercomputer then it is less in everything if we compare it with a supercomputer. But it doesn’t mean they are useless.

A mainframe computer is mostly used for Business organization. The big business organization buys MainFrame Computer for their operational research. The Mainframe computers could be accommodated in big air-conditioned rooms due to its dimensions. Super-computers would be the quickest computers using large data storage capability, Mainframes may also process & save a great deal of information. Banks instructional institutions & insurance businesses utilize mainframe computers to keep information about their clients, pupils & insurance plan holders.

There are various Mainframe Computer likes:-

  1. Hitachi
  2. Fujitusu

3. Mini Computer

Minicomputer is also known as a mid-range computer. They are mostly used by the small-scale level of the businessman. They are the small type of devices which can be carried with self. if we talk about the capability of this computer it is similar to mainframe and supercomputer. In some condition it is similar. But you know that no one can beat supercomputer.  Common people can not buy these computers. Because they are not designed for him. It is used by big companies.  There are several types of minicomputers.

  1. IBM Midrange Computer
  2. Texas Instrument
  3. K-204


Finally, we have come to a common man computer. These are the type of computer which can be used by the common person. These computers are like desktop computer, laptops, smartphones etc. All people can use this gadget. There are various companies who make this computer. And one of the famous company is Microsoft. They have changed the entire world after producing an operating system.  You can buy these computers in your affordable rate. You don’t need to pay extra money to buy these gadgets.  There are also various companies who are dealing with the computer they are Samsung, apple, sony, dell.


Last words

So, friends, this is all about your type of computer and their advantages. I hope you will like this article. If you think that we have missed anything you can comment us. We will modify it and we will add to our article. I hope it will help you to increase your knowledge. If you want to read more post then you can visit our more article section. That is also based on the computer. Our main focus in this blog to aware you about computer knowledge. So if you want to ask anything you can ask without any hesitation. We promise you we will help you in all ways. So keep visiting our site for the latest update of computer knowledge.




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